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Thank you for your interest in Wildrose presets! I always strive to create high quality products that you will love. 

The Preview Pack lightroom collection includes 5 color and 1 black and white presets and is perfect for all photographers.  
Presets are made to enhance your images and give them a professional and finished result. They are perfect for any wedding, engagement, lifestyle or portrait photography to give a finished look to your images. 

* 5 Premium Lightroom Presets that are fully adjustable (.lrtemplate, however in the newest versions of lightroom these will be converted to a .xmp file and can also be used in ACR)

* Installation instructions are included as a .pdf with your download if you would like the .dng files for mobile please send me your email address and I will send you the files! 


* RAW format
* Digital Negative format (DNG)
* TIFF Format
* JPEG format


Compatible with both Mac & PC

These presets have been designed to get your images to about 85% finished, while some image might only need one click, most images might need adjustments to the white balance and exposure to set your preference for warmth and brightness since these can vary so dramatically from one image to the next. 
You will get a professional editing style in an easy to use format. 


♥ TIME. You can save so much time since the majority of the work has already been done for you. For most images you simply need to adjust the white balance and exposure to your liking. 
♥ These presets were designed by a professional photographer to increase workflow and maintain extremely high quality.
♥ These presets were designed to create a specific mood that can be achieved with the click of a button. You can evoke emotion and fine tune your style at the same time. 
♥ Consistency!! It is so important to have consistent work, these presets will help streamline your editing style to help create a brand.
♥ We have tried these presets on a wide range of images with different lighting situations, white balances, different times of year etc. and they are extremely versatile for all situations.  
♥ All presets are completely non destructive, you can reset to the original file, keeping your original raw image always safe.


I would really appreciate your feedback! If you have any problems with the presets please send me a message and I will help you as soon as possible! 

***Due to the nature of these products, I do not offer refunds on any of my lightroom presets. ***

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- INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wildrosepresets

Wildrose Preview Pack

  • .lrtemplate