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White Shanty | Salt Lake Temple | Utah Wedding Photographer

I get to work with some many awesome people, and Angie and I get to team up on so many rad weddings together! We had a double weekend with these weddings and let's just say I was ready for a soak by the time it was over, but I am so honored she asked me to tag along with her to capture this couples day! We had a blast (as we always do!) and the night ended with an actual fire ball! One of the family members decided to light ALL of the sparklers at the same time, I tried to warn that that was a really bad idea but they decided to go ahead and do it anyways, the sparklers went up in a ball of flames and burnt out within seconds! The guy holding them had burns on his hands and there were only a few sparklers left for the exit. So word to the wise, DON'T try to light all of your sparklers at the same time, it will end in a complete disaster!

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