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Utah Family Photographer {The B Family | Provo Utah}

7th grade is one of the hardest times in your life. For me, I had 0 out of 7 classes with my best friend and we had different lunch schedules! So on that first day of class, when the time came and lunch was nearing I thought to myself as I looked around my math class "I am not eating alone today" I found a girl that looked friendly enough, followed her to her friend group, sat down and invited myself to be not just her new lunch buddy, but her new best friend for life. Thankfully it worked out, and we really are best friends even 21 years later! Meet my best friend, and (most of) her family. She moved out of state and was in town this summer so we took some family photos. Her husband wasn't able to make it, and neither was one of her sisters & brother and law. I'm glad everyone else was able to make it though because it was really nice to see them!

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