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Utah Birth Photographer | Utah Valley Hospital | Baby S

I had just finished shooting an all day wedding in the heat, it was mid July! I got home at 10pm and started unloading my gear when I got a text.

"Hey, we are headed to the hospital!" I swapped memory cards and batteries, called the videographer and crawled into bed to wait for the mom to let me know if tonight was the night. I don't know why I bothered because I couldn't sleep if I tried! About an hour later I got the message, it was go time! I picked up the videographer (who was preggo with twins!!) and off we went!

We laughed the morning away, This sweet baby girl made her appearance in the early morning, and she was perfect. I got home at 6am and thanks to my amazing husband who made sure the girls stayed out of our room and got them ready for the day, I was able to sleep for quite a few hours!! I did go back later that afternoon to get some extra pictures in the daylight :)

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