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Colorado National Monument | Utah Wedding Photographer | Dirty Boots Ranch

Okay, let's just start out by saying, there is no way I am going to be able to write about how amazing this wedding was! I'm not that good of a writer, but I'll do my best! I grabbed Angie and we headed out to Colorado to meet this couple on top of the Colorado National Monument, I was hoping for a little cloud cover to help with the heat but the sun shone bright, thankfully there was a little breeze.

These two did a first look on top of the monument and it was beautiful! The bride with her best ladies, and the groom with his daughter and best men, and can we just all take a moment to admire just how amazing her dress is, and that veil!!! I absolutely LOVE long veils, and the lace and details of this one did not disappoint. We did some bridal party pictures and then headed to a second spot for a few more images before heading down to the ceremony location. All the little details of this wedding made it just that much better, the groom made a custom lego ring box, his ring, the bridesmaid did the flowers and I love the tradition of jumping the broom!

Everyone had come from out of state, and stayed at the ranch, the bride and groom are from New Mexico and their loved ones traveled from all around to come share this special day with them! The brides family made the most delicious southern food, and I actually enjoyed seafood for the first time! These two have been together for SO long, and it was such an emotional and special day to witness their love for each other. I am so beyond honored that they trusted me to capture their day, and I wish them all the very best that life has to offer! Enjoy this complete overload of images :)

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