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4 Hour Shoot & Edit Mentor Session: $750

- 2 Hour Photoshoot: We'll head out to shoot with an awesome couple or small family (your choice) and get some really amazing images in a stunning location! We'll talk about creating emotion, relaxing your clients, giving direction and posing clients, as well as camera settings and when to use lighting. You'll get to see how I work behind the camera, and then it will be your turn to make some magic.

- 2 Hour Edit + Q&A: After the session, we'll grab some food, head back to my studio and spend some time on your editing workflow. We'll focus on speeding up your workflow and getting the most out of your presets, as well as creating a post-production workflow that will help give you back some time away from the computer! This entire editing session will also be an open Q&A, where we can talk about anything you need help with- marketing, bookkeeping, client emails, contracts, etc. The best thing about this part of the session is that we can focus on what you want, some people just want to spend the entire time working on editing and workflow while others are fully loaded with questions, we’ll do whatever you need.!

Wedding Day Tag Along Session: $300

Join me for a FULL Wedding Day. Come shadow me at my next wedding, see in action how I handle the entire day, start to finish. Watch how I capture the small details and important moments, direct large groups of people, and use both natural and artificial light. Feel free to ask any questions you think of about the wedding day and how I work! Depending on the Wedding schedule I will try to plan 30 mins before or after the ceremony before the reception starts where we can have a more formal Q&A but because weddings are so busy, that time is not a guarantee. Wedding days typically range from 4 to 8+ hours long, and you are welcome to stay for as much or little of the day as you'd like.


Phone Call/Skype Mentor Session: $200

Includes 1.5 Hour Q&A via skype. We’ll talk about anything you want. Bring your questions about posing, editing, traveling, marketing, business workflow; you name it. Make sure to come with questions written down so you’re ready to go!




​Think about what you want to get out of this session and come with an open mind and LOTS of questions. Where do you want your business to go? Where are you struggling the most? You really will get out of this session what you put into it. If you are just hoping to have me lay out my business for you and expect it to change the way you do things you will not learn and your business won’t grow. I have been at this for 14 years, but I do not know everything about this industry because I’m still learning and growing every day and evolving with it. However, I do know a bit and I want to help you get your business going so that you can enjoy this incredible world of photography!

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